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Epoch of Thought welcomes you friends!
Epoch of Thought began in the early days of retail vanilla as a guild founded with the goal of hardcore progression while remaining friendly and providing a welcoming environment for more casual and newer players alike.

The guild cleared content on Bloodscalp during vanilla, TBC, and Cata and beyond. The guild reformed on Nostralius and saw endgame before the server's untimely demise. The guild raided for a very short window on Lightbringer and again dominated content before calling it quits do to the opening of Northdale. Now that Classic's been announced, the guild is taking a break to refresh and recuperate before classic.

In the meantime, we're preparing to conquer Naxx and looking for experienced, mature raiders and leaders. Our goal is simple: conquer Naxxramas while not killing ourselves for a game and provide a solid social environment for our players.

If interested in joining and helping to build a winning team apply here and please drop us a message on discord:
  Lne (Shannon): Classic Hype!
  Lne (Shannon): Recruit me some badass people
  Lne (Shannon): Even team zg aq20 saturday assemble:)!; Onyxia and possible partial pug bwl on monday
  Lne (Shannon): a night off...for once...youve worked hard enjoy it :)
  Wexn: sup cunts! kickin arse!
  Scartoe: Holy Cowbell batman, how many of the original folks are still there a warrior inc?
  illinia: Reminder to set your timezone on your profile to see the proper times.
  illinia: @whipp 7:30pm EST
  Whipp: 7:30pm raid times, are these server time or NA EST?
  Lne (Shannon): Congrats on Hakkar EoT...another first kill for the guild on a new server...starting over and progressing is always fun even when it's hard work:)
  Lne (Shannon): I wish we knew the release date to put on the calendar:)!!! Can't wait to rock wow with you guys again
  Tayshamday: Added some important dates to the calendar!
  Reefher: Survey for who all got fucked, you'd have to vote for all of them.
  Lne (Shannon): need to make another survey for what class got fucked by the rework the most
  Tayshamday: Take the survey!
  Tayshamday: I'm a new site admin. Thanks everyone and let me know what I can do!
  Lne (Shannon): What is dead can never die; on legion atm!
  zololord: EOT Dead Again Sigh!
  Lilysaur: Rather... nothing has been posted
  Lilysaur: So whats the plan peps? Havent really heard anything for a while.
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